VIDEO: The FCBMasia Challenge

The U9C and U10A teams coached by Jordi Font and Albert Puig face off in this fun end-of-season contest

Barça youngsters take the FCBMasia Challenge

The sides coached by Alexis Pintó and Juanan Gil have a fun end-of-season competition and you can see what happens in this video

Five spectacular shots from the academy in 2016/17

Sergi Palencia, Ainhoa Marín, Lucas de Vega, Jan Molina and Dani Romera with some amazing strikes

Five fantastic solo goals from the academy during 2016/17

Adrián Bernabé, Antonio Cantón, Jordi Mboula, Claudia Pina and Joel Escaler scored some absolute belters this past campaign

Top five academy free-kicks in 2016-17

Alberto Perea, Sergio Gómez, Jorge Alastuey, Quim Junyent and Gerard Gumbau struck the best set-pieces last season

The academy's best five lob goals

Adrián Bobi, Dereck López, Enrique Delgado, Jan Quiles and Marc Cardona are the scorers of the best lobbed goals of the season in the academy teams

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