We do things in 3s
Coming to watch a basketball match is a guaranteed spectacle, where Alley-oops and three-pointers are only part of the magic. Set plays and points pile up thick and fast, leaving the spectators with their hearts in their mouths, hoping to see their team emerge victorious from the encounter. The players also fire up the kids with their incredible dunks and lay-ups.
Promo no exiseix el temps mort
There is no down time
When you're with us, the rhythm never stops! This is thanks to the Dance Team, who fill any down time with their energetic performances. The video scoreboard is full of activities for the crowd to enjoy, including a host of entertaining games that are also great for the kids: DanceCam, Memory or Lookalikes are just a few of the games. Our speakers will approach you to test your knowledge, and if you get it right: you win a prize! We want to share these unforgettable moments with everyone, which is why we organise themed parties and unique events. Take part in our shower of soft toys, come and eat some “Tortell de reis” (Kings’ Cake) with us at Christmastime or stay tuned for our FAN NIGHTS, where you can meet the players in person and get their autographs.
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Meet our regulars
The atmosphere at the Palau is both intriguing and intimate thanks to the four fan clubs who fill the stands, match after match, cheering us on with their chants, drums, and flags. You'll be able to join them in cheering on the team. Don’t forget your SCARF so you can join in with the regulars!

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