Andrés Iniesta in the Tokyo metro

The FC Barcelona players took advantage of the 24 hours of free time given to them by Pep Guardiola to explore and have a bit of fun in Japan.

The metro was the first stop for most of the players as they were able to enjoy a few hours of anonymity. Piqué posted a picture of Carles Puyol trying to buy tickets on his Twitter account; minutes later it was the captain that posted a photo of himself, Cesc and Fontàs riding the train. The midfielder was also active on his social media accounts and uploaded a photo of himself with a Japanese fan.

Iniesta, going incognito on the metro

Andrés Iniesta and Dani Alves also decided to share their day with their Twitter followers. The Spaniard, completely unnoticed by the rest of the passengers, posted a photo of himself inside the train car.

Dani Alves, on the other hand, was much more active online. First, he posted an image of the team walking through an airport hallway decorated with a banner that read ‘Welcome to Japan.’ He then went on to document his experience in the Yokohama metro station, and finally he posted a couple of photos of himself playing around in a display carriage.

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