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Football supporters from around the world are in for a treat as the mouth-watering clash between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in Kings Cup quarter-final is just a day away. While the last tie between the two teams in the competition happened just nine months ago, when Madrid narrowly edged Barça for the title in overtime (1-0), meetings between the two sides in the Spanish Cup are a relatively rare occurrence. In the competition’s 107-year history, Barça and Madrid have only been pitted against each other 17 times*. Interestingly enough, both teams have a remarkably even record against each other in the competition: nine wins for FC Barcelona, three of which came in championship matches, and eight for Real Madrid, similarly, three of those were title-winning games.

1901-1925 Copa Alfonso XIII

In the first quarter century of the 1900s, Barça and Madrid met in the Spanish Cup, then known as the Copa Alfonso XIII, three times (1901/02, 1915/16, 1925/26). The first two meetings saw both teams fight for a spot in the championship match in the semi-finals. Barça beat Real Madrid in the first ever Cup clásico by 3-1 and Real Madrid returned the favour 15 years later in an astounding two-leg tie that required two tie break matches (Agg:11-15). In each instance, both teams lost in the final to Bizcaya and Athletic Club, respectively. In 1925/26, the competition brought the two teams together once again, this time in the quarter-final, Barça beat Madrid in both the away (1-5) and home legs (3-0). Barça went on to claim the title that year after beating Atlético Madrid in the final (3-2).

In 1935/36, Madrid lifted the trophy, then called the Copa Presidente, after beating Barça in what was the first final between the two sides in the competition (1-2).

1942-1974 Copa Generalísimo

Barça and Madrid faced each other eight times in the Cup from 1942 through 1974. The first meeting between the two sides during this period was in the semi-final of the 1942/43 season, Barça beat Real Madrid at home by 3-0 but lost in the return leg 11-1 (Agg: 4-11). Over the following three decades both teams played against each other seven times, with a balance of four wins for Barça, the most notable of which were the 1956/57 quarter-final victory (Agg: 8-3) and the 1967/68 title-winning match at the Santiago Bernabéu (0-1), and three wins for Real Madrid, the most important being the 4-0 final win at the Vicente Calderón in 1973/74.

1982-2011 Copa del Rey

With the competition's current moniker, Barça and Madrid played each other five times, three of which have been championship matches. In 1982/83 and 1989/90, Barça and Madrid played in the Cup final, on both occasions the Catalans lifted the trophy (2-1 and 2-0, respectively). Real Madrid, reigning champions, beat Barça in overtime in last year’s final (0-1).

* FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have played 29 matches against each other in the Spanish Cup. All meetings between both teams, with the exception of championship matches and the match in 1901/02, were two-legged ties.

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