FC Barcelona's U12A team have won the title after beating Espanyol in the final | FCB

A spectacular tournament for Barcelona’s U12A team has finished in the best possible way: with the title. This year's win at La Liga Promises, formerly called the Brunete Tournament, is the tenth in Barça’s history.

It was a very intense day, with a semifinal victory against Deportivo coming via a penalty shoot-out (4-3), after the game had ended in a 1-1 draw. In the final, Marc Serra’s side dominated from the start, but despite controlling possession, they were unable to find the net in the first half.

After the break and thanks to a commanding performance from Jan Quiles, chances began to arrive. Finally, in the 31st minute, Iván Rodríguez scored the decisive goal (1-0). Taking advantage of Pau's assist, the Barça striker placed his shot past the outstretched hand of the Espanyol keeper.

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