Gerard Piquè and Carles Puyol formed one of the greatest pairings of all time in the centre of the Barça defence.

The former, of course, is still providing his fine services to the team, while the latter is now in retirement after a career that saw him captain the side to an unprecedented number of major trophies.

But the duo were back together this week, albeit to play a very different kind of sport. Padel (also known as paddle) is a hugely popular racquet sport in Spain, best described as a combination between tennis and squash, in which the ball can be played off the walls.

If you’ve never seen it played before, this video should give you a decent idea of what it’s all about. What padel does not involve, however, is either a football or the use of the head, feet or any other part of the body. Not that that stopped Piqué and Puyol from experimenting with a very different take on the game!

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