Vice-president for sport Jordi Mestre speaking to the press | VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB

FC Barcelona’s vice-president for sport Jordi Mestre and the director of professional sport Albert Soler have described their initial impressions after learning that the team will be sharing a Champions League group with Manchester City, Borussia Mönchengladbach and Celtic

“It’s a difficult group” commented Mestre. “German clubs are never easy and Celtic won’t be either. We played them in the preseason but that has nothing to do with a Champions League fixture.”

“We have had some good games with Manchester City recently. We qualified the last two times but that doesn’t mean the same will happen this season. It’s surprising that we have met so often in such a short period of time.”

Albert Soler added that “they are teams we know and that we have met on occasions in the past. I’m looking forward to meeting these great clubs.”

“We’ll give a warm welcome to Guardiola and Claudio Bravo, who will have the chance to say goodbye to the fans. It’ll be nice for him to be able to come back home. We are very grateful to Bravo for what he did for Barça in his two seasons here.”

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