Gerard Piqué: The second half response was positive

Gerard Piqué: The second half response was positive

The defender who sparked Barça's attempted fightback spoke to the media after the game along with several other first team players

FC Barcelona missed the chance to go top of the league after suffering a 4-3 defeat at the hands of Celta Vigo at Balaidos on Sunday.

The players, who gave it their all to comeback from three goals down to salvage a point, spoke to the media after the game to give their thoughts on where they felt the game was lost.

Gerard Pique

The centre-back scored twice on the night, and so nearly scored a hat-trick to make it 4-4 at the end.

“Celta’s first goal disrupted our flow and then, the other two (goals) came very quickly,” said Pique.

“In the first-half, we thought we were out of it, but the second half was far more positive.”

“We were much better (in the second half) as we had nothing to lose and we nearly came away with something.”

On failing to capitalise on Real Madrid’s draw, Pique said that the league is “very equal and all teams very close to each other. This shows the high level of competition”.

Andres Iniesta

“It was a painful defeat due to the chance of going top. Those three goals in the first half really set us back, and our goals in the second really helped but it was not to be.”

On reaching 600 games with the club, Iniesta said: “It is a bitter-sweet feeling with the defeat, 600 games with a win would have tasted much better. I have been here many years feeling good, participating and I hope I can do so many times more”.

Sergio Busquets

“Going into the break losing 3-0 was psychologically tough. In the second half we did well and came close, but in the end it was impossible.”

Ter Stegen

“The second half was better and we played how Barça should. If I had not made that mistake in that situation we would have had the chance to win the game. I feel bad for the team that fought hard.”

“It is an error that has occurred that should never occur. And now I cannot be thinking about it all the time. I raise my head and move forward with the team.”

Denis Suarez

“I do not like to lose against any team. We came to win but were not able to.”

“Ter Stegen’s football (style) is our football. That is what our manager demands and we do not have to give more significance to what happened.”

Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique also spoke to the press after the game where, although visibly disappointed, spoke about what the team needs to do next rather than dwelling on the defeat.

“It was an important day for us as we had the chance to go top and we did not take advantage of it.”

“We started the game well and in the first 15 minutes I was pleased, but from then on we entered a negative dynamic and began to lose individual duels in which they got the better of us.”

“The players are not machines, we must pick ourselves up and compete in the next game.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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