FC Barcelona v Albacete: No doubt about it (8-0)

FC Barcelona v Albacete: No doubt about it (8-0)

Xavi Llorens' squad routed Albacete in a brilliant exhibition Sonia's hat trick led the way along with a pair of goals from Willy

While fighting for the Liga and getting ready for this week’s Champions League match, Xavi Llorens’ girls pummelled Albacete on Sunday with a commanding 8-0 win.

Barça started the match with a lineup designed to rest some top players, but in the early going it had no effect on the team's play as they moved the ball with speed and precision, while also being able to get it back just as quickly the few times they lost it. Albacete had almost no time to react. And even though they were set up defensively to avoid a Barcelona outburst, it was only a matter of time until the goals started to arrive.

Barca's highlights

The first threat was at the 4-minute mark when a cross from Sonia was headed by Alexia right into Rachel's hands. Sonia tried another just minutes later but couldn't connect. And then the goals started coming. In minute 12, Barcelona counter-attack led to a Torrejon pass through to Alexia, who then dished off to Sonia for a goal. Barça kept pushing towards the goal while Albacete tried to fight back, coming close to the equaliser but seeing the flag go up for offside. In the 21st minute, the second goal came as Mariona fed Vicky, who danced around Raquel and knocked it home for a 2-0 lead.

Sonia's magic

They were not only unstoppable but also hungry for more, looking to put the game away. Alexia took a pass from Ruth along the side and centred it to a charging Sonia, who banged it in to make it 3-0. Albacete felt they had nothing to lose and immediately went on the attack. The Barça defence kept them in check and even managed to make it 4-0 before the half as Vicky saw Sonia, who settled nicely and rifled a shot with her left foot, securing herself a hat-trick.

No doubt about it

Albacete came out in the second half looking for a bit of respect. Unfortunately for them, Barça picked up where they left off. It took a while, but in the 77th minute Sandra came in on the right side and centred across to the far post where Willy finished into back of the net. Then some magic was provided courtesy of Mariona. The youngster picked up a loose ball in a crowd and dribbled through to find space before firing into the net, essentially sealing the win with a 6-0 lead. But Baudet wanted to join the party, and did so by cutting through two defenders close to the goal knocked the ball just inside the opposite post, making it 7-0. Willy wanted more too and, thanks to Torrejon, added the eighth in injury time to end the day.

Força Barça
Força Barça
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