Barça Legends Guillermo Amor, Quique Estebaranz, and Simão Sabrosa on one side, and Edmílson, Patrick Kluivert and Fréderic Déhu on the other, faced off in the game of the secret boxes. The greats had to demonstrate theirt keepy-uppy skills, without knowing in advance which kinds of balls they’d be faced with.

In this video, which was filmed before the Barça Legends went down 3-1 to Manchester United at the Camp Nou, it’s pretty clear they’ve lost none of their skills.

The balls could come in any size or shape - even oval shaped! The challenge was to see how many touches they could take without using their hands or letting the ball hit the ground. Who do think will be the winners here? 

Don’t forget that the Barça Legends will have their return leg against Manchester United this Sunday 2 September at 16:00 CET at Old Trafford. Simão, Edmílson, Déhu and Kluivert will all be there in the Blaugrana shirt; a game where Albert 'Chapi' Ferrer takes charge of the Legends for the first time.

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