Josep Maria Bartomeu appeared before the start of Barça v Las Palmas to explain the decision to play the game behind closed doors following the Professional Football League's refusal to postpone the fixture. “We deeply regret all that is happening today in Catalonia. It saddens us and we are all affected by it. Barça tried to get the game postpone. It is not the ideal situation, it’s an exceptional situation. We have not been able to find a way to postpone it. From there, all together, directors, executives and players met and we decided, exceptionally, to play the game behind closed doors," he said. 

The President confirmed that the game was played without fans not for reasons of security. “Els Mossos [the Catalan Police force] told us the game could be played normally. Playing this way, with the stadium empty, the Club shows its disagreement [with the decision not to postpone the game]. The League told us we would lose six points, three from today and three as a penalty," concluded Bartomeu. 

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