The Government of Catalonia, through the Catalan Tourist Board and FC Barcelona (FCB), will jointly promote Catalonia as a travel destination, during FCB’s tour in the United States in July. Barça’s games will be played in New York, Washington and Miami against Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid as part of the International Champions Cup.

Within the context of a partnership agreement between Catalan Tourist Board and FC Barcelona, the soccer players and staff will show off the Catalonia brand on their uniforms during the entire preseason tour. Additionally, the Catalonia brand will be seen on the playing fields and on other graphical media.

The “Get Ready for Pun” campaign, targeted at Barça fans in America, will run till July 30, using the slogan, “If you love FC Barcelona, your destination is Catalonia”.  The central thrust of the promotional campaign will a contest held via the website getreadyforpun.fcbarcelona.com (only American residents can participate), where brief videos presenting Catalonia are shown to present the tourist destination, making use symbols that also represent Barça such as the “Pineapple” or the “Mosaic”. Users will also sign up to participate in a drawing to come to Camp Nou in order to experience FC Barcelona and Catalonia first hand.

This contest will be promoted in the United States through the social media of FC Barcelona, which has millions of followers on Facebook and Instagram in that market, through distribution of a newsletter to fans and via the official website of the club. The contest will also be publicized on the Facebook page of Catalunya Experience in the U.S. market.

The Estrella Damm Brewery, another partner of the Catalan Tourist Board and FC Barcelona will participate by promoting the “Get Ready for Pun” campaign on its Facebook page and that of FC Barcelona, and by producing and distributing 10,000 drink coasters in Miami bars and restaurants.

The agreement between Catalonia and FC Barcelona

These activities come under the joint collaboration agreement between the Catalan Tourist Board and FC Barcelona that has been in place for five years, aiming to promote Catalonia as a travel destination in international markets. This collaboration has allowed the entity to make presentations in many cities where Barça has played, such as Milan, Moscow, Manchester, Berlin, Munich, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo and Shanghai, as well as other promotional campaigns such as “Fans Meeting Fans”.

The United States, a growing market for Catalonia

The United States is a tourist market that is growing. From January to April 2017, more than 220,000 tourists from the United States visited Catalonia, an increase of 44.7% over the same period last year. In addition, at 435 million Euros, it is ranked second in terms of spending in Catalonia. This represents a 51.2% increase over the same period in 2016.

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