Carmona, Jordi Mas, and Jordi Torras / PHOTO: FCB

The Comú in Encamp was the venue for the traditional press conference that serves to welcome FC Barcelona’s professional teams to the Andorran city. The local press took the opportunity to ask Barça Alusport’s manager, Marc Carmona, and captain, Jordi Torras, about the upcoming season.

Jordi Mas, Consul of Común, welcomed Barça Alusport to the country and joked about the abnormally high temperatures in the Andorran city: “the truth is that we’re having an exceptional summer, this high temperature is not normal for this city.”

Marc Carmona

“I want to thank the Consul and the city of Comú for how well you’ve treated us. One of the reasons we come here is because we want to train in cooler temperatures, but unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be. Despite that, we’re working really well and achieving the goals we set out for ourselves. Once again the players’ commitment to the team is evident.”

“We knew that we wouldn’t have the international players this week. The only thing that I lament is the fact that the new player, Aicardo, can’t be with us. But I don’t think he’ll have difficulties adapting to the team. Having players leave on international duty is the price we pay for having the best players. We’re accustomed to this. We have to know how to work without them.”

“The Super Cup is an exciting tournament. The truth is that we’ve won a lot of titles and it would be a good thing to add the Spanish Super Cup and the Intercontinental Cup. If we win these trophies, we can legitimately say that these players have won it all.

Jordi Torras

“Like Marc just said, I want to thank the people of Encamp because they make us feel at home here. On the work we’ve been putting in over the past couple of weeks... it’s been hard and demanding. But I always say that it’s good for the work to be hard because that means we’ll be better prepared when the season starts. Next week we have our first official competition of the season and we hope to be on form.”

“I believe that having so few changes to the roster is a positive thing. We all know each other well and many of us know the new player, Aicardo, from playing with the national team. I’m sure that he’ll adapt quickly.”

“We are more eager this time around than we were last season. We’ve surprised ourselves with how well we’ve done over the past two years, but we know that the hard part is maintaining our level of play. We’re ambitious and we’ll work hard for our Club, we can only win titles if we work hard.”

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