Barça 6-4 Industrias Santa Coloma: Party atmosphere with La Masia on show

Barça 6-4 Industrias Santa Coloma: Party atmosphere with La Masia on show

The blaugranes win the derby with La Masia graduates Muinelo, Puigvert and Pol Cano all involved

A key role for La Masia as Barça have defeated Industrias Santa Coloma 6-4 in a derby played in a party atmosphere. Velasco's side scored six goals at the Palau Blaugrana, while also presenting the Spanish Cup to the crowd. Erick, Coelho, Antonio, Pol Cano and Catela (2) scored the goals to tighten their grip on first place in the league.

Happy fans

The FC Barcelona fans were already happy before the game given the Spanish Cup win, and they were able to take photos with the trophy lifted in Cartagena after the heroic win against ElPozo on 24 March. The attendance of 4433 was also a record for the season. Velasco started with Álvaro Muinelo who was making his debut for the first team. 

A nice touch before the derby saw Industrias Santa Coloma give the Cup winners a guard of honour, but the hostilities soon commenced on kick-off. Dídac's saves and the woodwork prevented a first goal for the visitors, while Borja was also thwarting the blaugranes, including an effort from Muinelo on his debut.

The goals begin to flow

João Félix was also in the crowd to see Muinelo, Catela and Erick combine perfectly to make it 1-0 on transition, but the lead didn't last long as the visitors equalised on the next play through Khalid.

The deadlock was broken by speed, quality, energy and La Masia players, as another transition led to 2-1, this time young Puigvert connected well with Matheus and Coelho.

The blaugrana thrust led to more reward, Antonio accurately and swiftly making it 3-1. More to come as the score became 4-1 through Pol Cano, the youth player with a superb finish after a wonderful pass by Catela. 

The visitors close the gap

Miquel Feixas joined the Palau Blaugrana party by locking up his goal to provide the platform for a fifth goal, which Catela scored. Further goals could have easily been added such was the team play on display. However, the entry of a fly-keeper saw Cardona and Víctor Ramos close the gap to 5-3 with plenty of time still to go.

Catela settles the nerves

Quality play by Catela put a halt to the Santa Coloma de Gramenet comeback as he made it 6-3 just when the blaugranes were coming under constant fly-keeper attacks. Somewhat academically with only 33 seconds to go, David Peña scored to make the final score 6-4, confirming another three points for FC Barcelona, who are five points clear at the top of the league table with five games of the regular season remaining.


Barça 6
Industrias Santa Coloma 4

Barça: Dídac, Erick, Touré, Catela y Muinelo - starting five - Coelho, Antonio, Matheus, Tapias, Pol Cano, Puigvert and Miquel Feixas
Industrias Santa Coloma: Borja, Tolrà, Verdejo, Cardona and Povill - starting five- Àlex Lluch, Hirata, Nil, Khalid, Corso, David Peña and Víctor Ramos

Goals: 1-0, Erick (min 11); 1-1, Khalid (min 12); 2-1, Coelho (min 14); 3-1, Antonio (min 15); 4-1, Pol Cano (min 20); 5-1, Catela (min 28); 5-2, Cardona (min 34); 5-3, Víctor Ramos (min 35); 6-3, Catela (min 36); 6-4, David Peña (min 39)

Referees: Mayo López and Panadero Díaz-Concha. Yellow cards for Touré (min 19) and Pol Cano (min 20) from Barça and for Àlex Lluch (min 29) and Corso (min 34) from Industrias Santa Coloma.

Attendance: 4433

Força Barça
Força Barça

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