Barça 8-6 Cartagena: High scoring win

Barça 8-6 Cartagena: High scoring win

A high scoring game at the Palau see the blaugranes win, with goals by Puigvert, Ferrao, Lozano, Antonio, Pito (2) and Adolfo (2)

What a win. It wasn't easy as Cartagena fought throughout, but the Barça futsal team claimed a very important victory in a matchday brought forward due to the Champions League Final Four. The three points puts them five ahead of second-placed ElPozo Murcia, who will play their game in hand while Jesús Velasco's side are in Armenia. Goals by Puigvert, Ferrao, Lozano, Antonio, Pito (2) and Adolfo (2) were enough to counteract four by Waltinho, plus one each for Tomaz and Lucao.

The goals fly in

A real goalfest at the Palau Blaugrana in the first half, no less than five for each side, with the entertainment top notch. Every time Barça went ahead, Cartagena scored to equalise. Puigvert scored the first at the far post after a corner by Touré (1-0, min 3). Despite Waltinho equalising just 40 seconds later (1-1, min 4), Ferrao again put Barça ahead from the penalty spot with his second goal of the season (2-1, min 4).

No goals for the next five minutes, but five blaugrana youth players (Touré, Kokoro, Puigvert, Tapias and Roger) got some game time. However, Waltinho then scored again to equalise (2-2, min 11), which led to the goals flying in once again. First a long clearance by Dídac saw Lozano head in (3-2, min 13). Tomaz scored for the visitors (3-3, min 14) before a tremendous dead ball goal by Antonio into the top corner (4-3, min 16).

Waltinho then grabbed his third (4-4, min 18), but Pito scored on his return from injury (5-4, min 19). Still time for one more goal as Lucao completed a messy move to make it 5-5 (min 20) at the break.

Adolfo goal proves decisive

Not let up after the break, because only five minutes in, Adolfo put Barça ahead for the sixth time (6-5, min 25), before Waltinho again balanced things up on the next play (6-6, min 25). The tempo then dropped, although Dídac had to make three saves to prevent Cartagena scoring and going in front for the first time.

This meant that with 4 minutes to go, an Adolfo shot put Jesús Velasco's side ahead again (7-6, min 36). This time it proved decisive as despite Cartagena's best efforts with a fly-keeper and all out attack, Barça defended the five player attack well, with a last gasp goal by Pito sealing the win (8-6, min 40).



Barça: Dídac, Erick, Touré, Puigvert, Adolfo - starting five - Kokoro, Antonio, Sergio Lozano, Tapias, Pito, Roger, Matheus, Ferrao.

Cartagena: Chemi, Tomaz, Mellado, Darío, Pablo Ramírez - starting five - Saura, Lucao, Jesús, Waltinho, Faly.

Goals: 1-0, Puigvert (min 3). 1-1, Waltinho (min 4). 2-1, Ferrao (min 4). 2-2, Waltinho (11). 3-2, Lozano (min 13). 3-3, Tomaz (min 14). 4-3, Antonio (min 16). 4-4, Waltinho (min 18). 5-4, Pito (min 19). 5-5, Lucao (min 20). 6-5, Adolfo (min 25). 6-6, Waltinho (min 26). 7-6, Adolfo (min 36). 8-6, Pito (min 40). 

Referees: Martínez García, Santander Flamarique. Yellow cards for Kokoro from Barça, and Jesús from Cartagena.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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