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Barça Alusport lost the Catalan Super Cup to Marfil Santa Coloma this Sunday at the Jacint Verdaguer arena. Paco Sedano was a lifesaver for his team as he saved numerous chances from the Barça Alusport’s opponent. However, Adolfo, who scored two goals in the last minutes of the match, turned the game around at the buzzer to claim the title for Marfil Santa Coloma.

Marfil scores against the run of play

The home side took the initiative from the start against a slow-starting Barça Alusport. Dani Salgado had a very clear chance to give his side the lead, but Paco Sedano, who had a brilliant game, was up to the task and saved the attempt.

Marc Carmona subbed in a slew of new players minutes into the match, and that’s when the Azulgranas started to dominate their rivals. Ari Santos was the first Barça player to try his luck in front of goal, but the clearest chance came through a far-post shot from Fernandao. Neither Santos nor Fernandao were able to beat Marfil’s keeper.

When Barça had taken complete control of the match, Xavi Passarrius’ men found the back of Paco Sedano’s goal thanks to a brilliant play from Dani Salgado. After the opener Barça Alusport poured forward in search of the equaliser.

Barça’s dominance paid off and Fernandao netted to bring his team on level terms with the home side. The Brazilian pivot took advantage of two rebounds from Chico in the play that led to Barça’s goal after a great play from Éric Martel. From that point on, Barça were superior to their rivals despite a one-on-one between Jhow and Sedano. The keeper once again saved the attempt brilliantly.

Azulgrana flurry

The dynamic of the match didn’t chance at the start of the second half. Barça were pushing forward and looking for the go-ahead goal. Torras tried his luck from distance, but Chico was up to the task. Saad also had a chance thanks to a great play from Santos, but the goal simply wouldn’t come.

Finally, Barça Alusport took the lead. Saad found Lin, whose low and hard shot beat Chico at the near post. Marfil Santa Coloma took defensive risks from that point on as the home side focused on getting the ball to its most dangerous player, Jhow.

Buzzer-beater comeback

In the last moments of the match, when the Catalan Super Cup looked to be Azulgrana, Marfil Santa Coloma sent in a player-keeper and quickly equalised through Adolfo. With both teams level, Marc Carmona made Ari Santos a keeper-player, but a quick-thinking Adolfo took advantage of a miss-placed pass and scored the championship winning goal. Marfil completed their comeback in the last two minutes of the match and deprived the Azulgranas of the first official title of the season.



Marfil Santa Coloma: Chico (p), Rubén, Sepe, Dani Salgado and Adolfo –starting five– Isaac (p), Segura, Busquets, Lluc, Rafa López, Jhow, Elbarco.

FC Barcelona: Sedano (p), Torras, Lin, Lozano, Wilde –starting five– Cristian (p), Aicardo, Ari Santos, Fernandão, Igor, Saad, Éric Martel.

Goals: 1-0 Dani Salgado, min 15; 1-1 Fernandão, min 19; 1-2 Lin, min 41; 2-2 Adolfo, min 48, and 3-2 Adolfo, min 50.

Referees: Ivan Bel, Miguel Moreno, Samuel Serrano.

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