Ari Santos, contra ElPozo. Foto: LNFS.

Barça Alusport will not be in the final. El Pozo of Murcia gained revenge for their defeat in the last league final by putting the Catalans out of the Spanish Supercup, and that was despite things starting well for FCB, who started the game with the best football and the first goal. But an equaliser just before half changed the course of the match, and in the second half Murcia took their chances when they most mattered and are on their way to the final.

Lozano imposes his law

Barça Alusport were ahead after just three minutes thanks to Lozano from a set piece. El Pozo struggled to find any reply against a Barça side that was dictating the pace of the play, and Lozano could have made it two in the 12th minute, but not only did he miss but he also hurt his hand in the process. Shortly after, goalkeeper Rafa produced a wonderful save to deny Wilde.

El Pozo’s unexpected equaliser

ElPozo were doing very little to worry Barça Alusport, with their only serious chance in the first half coming from a De Bail effort that skimmed the post in the 15th minute. Barça’s defence was in complete control, playing with exactly the right amount of aggression until disaster struck just 43 seconds before the break when Àlex robbed Lin of all the ball and found the target. Totally against the run of play. 1-1.

Change of direction

The equaliser seemed to breathe new life and urgency into Barça, but although they took the initiative early in the second half, ElPozo then scored again after Paulinho pounced on a rebound. Barça now needed to take risks to find a goal, and the play opened up – causing dangerous spaces to emerge at the back, which helped Álex get yet another Pozo goal on the counter attack in the 28th minute. 3-1.

Final punishment

The two keepers had plenty to do in the final minutes. Barça Alusport could find no way past Rafa, while Cristian made sure the definitive fourth goal didn’t come. Marc Carmona threw caution to the win with a rush goalie from the 35th minute, and that did produce a goal from Fernandao, but immediately after Miguelín scored at the other end. Barça played desperate football in the final minutes, but there was still time for ElPozo to find a fifth and put things beyond reach of an FC Barcelona comeback.



ElPozo Múrcia: Rafa, Bebe, Kike, Miguelín i Paulinho –starting five-, José Ruiz, De Bail, Adri and Álex.

FCB Alusport: Cristian, Ari, Sergio Lozano, Saad, Fernandao – starting five -, Sedano, Aicardo, Torras, Lin and Wilde.

Goals 0-1 Lozano (min 3), 1-1 Álex (min 24), 2-1 Paulinho (min 22), 3-1 (min 28), 3-2 Fernandao (min 38), 4-2 Miguelín (min 38), 5-2 José Ruiz (min 39)

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