FOTO: Rubén De Pedro - LNFS

FOTO: Rubén De Pedro - LNFS

The Barça-Inter Movistar faceoff was, as expected, a sensational duel between the reigning Liga champions and king of cups in Spain. It was the anticipated final. The first half was majestic, where the Catalans took the lead because of their better accuracy in front of goal. The second half was very tactical. In the last 20 minutes, Barça, with intense concentration and a commendable attitude, imposed their football on the futsal court. Fantastic game from the Catalans that’s worth a final.

Early Lozano goal

Barça, with the same starting line-up they used in the semi-finals, couldn’t have started off on a better foot. On two minutes, Saad saved a goal on the goal line and on the next play, with a very fast counterattack, Lozano put the 1-0 on the scoreboard with a fantastic shot. Luck was on Barça’s side when Cristian diverted Rafael’s shot, moments later Batería would hit the post. Barça’s accuracy in front of goal had given them the early lead.

Draw and reaction

Inter took the initiative. Barça Alusport was organised at the back and their counterattacks were threatening. Barça tried to control the flow of the game, completely opposite from the Madrid side, who were very comfortable with back and forth type of match. Eka warned Barça with a second shot to the post just before Ortiz tied the match up with a fantastic goal (min 14). But Marc Carmona’s men didn’t shy away from the challenge and they took the lead once again through Igor. The morale boost was very important seeing that the match intensity was sky high. Only Batería’s injury slowed down the pace of the match before the end of the first half.

Barça imposes its skill

The pace wasn’t as high in the second half. Barça needed to slow the game down while still looking for the third. Javi Rodríguez and Torras came close to netting; luck was on Inter’s side. On 32 minutes Igor's shot hit the post. In the next play, after a great triangulation between Wilde, Lozano and Ari, Barça put the 3-1 on the scoreboard. Basic.

Torres clinches the match for Barça

The gravity of the situation was putting Inter’s players on edge, and Eka earned his marching orders - Inter was a man down. Barça Alusport created chances to put the game beyond reach and it was Torras, with a terrific shot on 36 minutes, that clinched a spot in the final for Barça. After an open first half for both sides, Barça took control in the second. This Sunday, Barça will have the chance to claim their second consecutive Spanish Cup.



FCB Alusport: Cristian, Ari Santos, Lin, Saad and Wilde –starting five- Sedano, Torras, Ari, Javi, Igor and Fernandao.

Inter Movistar: Juanjo, Tobe, Batería, Mati and Eka –starting five- Rafael, Ortiz, Álvaro and Hugo.

Goals: 1-0 Lozano (min 3), 1-1 Ortiz (min 14), 2-1 Igor (min 16), 3- 1 Ari Santos (min 32), 4-1 Torras (min 36).

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