Els jugadors del Barça Alusport celebrant un gol contra l'Azkar Lugo. Foto: Àlex Caparrós - FCB.

Barça Alusport made their Palau debut with a goalfest against Azkar Lugo – scoring eight in the second half after going just one up at the break. 

Season opens at the Palau 

Before the game, the youth and children’s teams were presented to the crowd, whilst homage was paid to last year’s top keeper Cristian. The team began by dominating the game from the off, with the strength of Torras, the great form of Ari, Fernandão’s hunger for goal and an electric Lin, Barça never gave their opponents a chance to get into the game. 

Fernandão got the first goal, after picking up a pass from Lin for the opener early on, though that didn’t open the door for more goals, despite the dominance of the home team, whilst the visitors packed their defence and looked to pounce on any mistake Barça might make. When Azkar did threaten Barça's goal, Paco Sedano was equal to Jhony’s efforts. 

Barça certainly had their chances – with Oscar Iglesias making plenty of saves with Saad and Javi Rodriguez both bringing out the best from the Azkar keeper, who almost single handedly kept his team in the game. With the score just 1-0 at the break, it looked as if we might be in for a tighter game than expected. 

Flood gates open 

However, once the early second goal was put away by Ari Santos the 21st minutes, the flood gates opened. Wilde got the third three minutes later with an individual goal. After the third goal, Azkar looked all but finished. Soon after Fernandão made it four before Lozano joined in after being set up by Fernandão, whilst a minute later Javi Rodríguez combined with Ari for the sixth and then the seventh from a free kick before Igor and Jordi Torras rounded the scoring off . 

A great start then, though even the impressive 9-0 which accurately reflected the home team’s superiority, could have been greater.

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