Jordi Torras, Paco Sedano and Sergio Lozano /PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

With just hours to go before the fifth and final match of the LNFS final series, the keeper of FC Barcelona Alusport, Paco Sedano, highlighted the team’s necessity to present a unified front against ElPozo. After losing the fourth game, Sedano said: “we have to stop thinking about it. We have to correct our errors, because that’s the reason we lost - our errors.”

Tonight, at 21:30 (live on Esport3, BarçaTV, MarcaTV, LaOtra and 7RM) Marc Carmona’s players will fight to win the Liga title, and if they win, it’ll be the perfect culmination of a historic season.

Confidence in the team

Sedano was very clear when he talked about what his team have already won this year and, despite the setback of losing the fourth match with only two seconds left of the clock, the keeper has confidence in his teammates: “these players have demonstrated that they never shy away from big matches and we’ll give it our all tonight. I don’t know if we’ll win, but we’re going to leave the last drop of sweat on the court to win this game.”

After four hard-fought matches, there are only 40 minutes left to be played in the LNFS. Tonight a team, Barça or ElPozo, will be crowned champion.

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