After Barça Alusport claimed the King’s Cup crown, the players celebrated with a very expressive Marc Carmona. The manager praised his team’s work in the final: “before the match started I told them that it wouldn’t be easy to win after everything we’ve accomplished. I tip my hat to the players for winning this Cup ... They are very good and they work more than anyone else. We have to try and keep this streak going as long as possible.”

Carmona also emphasised the quality of ElPozo Murcia: “the scoreline perhaps doesn’t reflect how close the match was. There were difficult moments where we were composed. It was very hard for us to get our machinery going but after we equalised we played well, quite frankly. He added, “we beat ElPozo Murcia, who have show in the Liga that they’re a team with a lot of potential and talent.” The manager went on to thank the supporters in Antequera.

Continuing the streak

The players agree that the team must try and continue this excellent run of title-winning form. “Winning is a beautiful vice and we always want to win. We have to celebrate all the titles we win. It’s a great feeling,” said Ari Santos, who added that “this team continue to make history and we want to make more.” Igor, who share Santos’ sentiments, remembered Fernandao: “despite missing key players, the team demonstrated its power. Now we have to go for the Liga.”

Sergi Lozano, one of the stand-out players in the final, places a lot of value on the competition that started on December 6th in Centelles: “we suffered a lot in all of the ties but we managed to compete both in the good and bad times. We’ve shown that we’re a unified team.” On his personal talent, the players said that “I don’t know how good I’ll be, I’m still very young and I’ll keep on working to live moments like these.”

Lastly, Lin, who celebrates his birthday this Wednesday, said that this is the “best possible present. I’m grateful to all of my team-mates.”

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