Javi Rodríguez / PHOTO: FCB

Javi Rodríguez announced on Saturday that he will be ending his Azulgrana career at the end of the season. Barça’s number 7 explained that after the final against ElPozo Murcia that he’ll leave the Club. For this reason he received a tribute this Sunday at the Palau Blaugrana during the third match of the final series, which was his last game at the in Barcelona. More than 5,000 people gathered to send off the player who has led Barça on the court for six fruitful years.

During an interview with Barça TV’s programme ‘ADN’, Rodríguez highlighted his commitment to Barça: “being in the middle of the court and have 5,000 people applaud you is proof that I’ve made myself wanted, that I’ve done a good job. I’ve been committed to the colours and the shield and I’ve given everything to defend them.”

Proud of the team’s progress

The Barça Alusport captain also talked about his first season as an Azulgrana. He promised that he wouldn’t leave until the Club had titles in the trophy cabinet. Rodríguez recognised that it’s difficult to leave the team at a moment like this: “it’s difficult to come here, play for six seasons, in an arena where only 100 fans used to attend and leave when more than 5,000 fans attend with regularity. The fans are with us. But I’ve always said that retirement comes with time.” His strong character has made him a fan favourite among the Palau faithful and he’s returned the sentiment with goals and assists for his team.

Despite his success at the Club, he could never have imagined such an intense sendoff. “It’s a sensation I’ve never felt before. I’ve played in very important matches and Sunday’s game was only a game in a final series, but it was incredible. It’s very difficult to play a match while you hold back tears,” said the Barça captain.

Focused on the Liga

Rodríguez also placed a lot of importance on winning the Liga, seeing that he’d like to leave the Club with his 10th title won in an Azulgrana shirt. “We have the same focus we had on the first day, we know that ElPozo’s fans make for a heated atmosphere in Murcia but we have to go out and win. We have to be very serious, they need to be the ones that are nervous, they’re losing the series by 2-1,” said the Barça Alusport player. This Saturday could be Rodríguez’ last match as a Barça player if the team beats ElPozo Murcia.

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