This Saturday (13:00, Esport3, BarçaTV and MarcaTV) Inter Movistar and FC Barcelona Alusport will face each other in the semifinal playoffs of the LNFS. Inter Movistar, an economic powerhouse and a team that boast fantastic players, have not had a good season - they won the Spanish Super Cup, but they lost in the Spanish Cup semifinals and the Copa del Rey semifinals to Barça - keeping the team’s incredible potential in mind. The Madrid-based side have the Liga still to play for, however, and they’ll give everything to beat the reigning champions of the competition, Marc Carmona’s Barça.

Futsal fans are expecting a spectacular series, with particularly attractive duels like Rafael and Cristian - the Brazilian nearly deprived the keeper from participating in Lleida’s Final Four after a reckless tackle in the Cup semifinals - or Fernandao and Betao.

How FC Barcelona Alusport come into the match

Curiously enough, almost the entire team is fit to play against Inter Movistar - a situation that’s been rare this season. Carmona, however, is still recovering from the flu, however, and this morning he was not able to hold his prematch press conference. His assistant, Albert Canillas, who talked to the press in his manager’s stead, said that he expects “equality” in the tie. Fernandao is hoping for “a good spectacle,” but he also did say that he’s hopeful for a final berth.

Barça travelled to Madrid this afternoon. The first match of the semifinal series against Inter Movistar will be played this Saturday at 13:00.

The rival

Inter Movistar, who are managed by a new manager this season (Daniel Iban Caetano), are hoping to salvage their season by winning the LNFS title. The team’s quality, the team’s history and the rivalry with Barça make Inter a very dangerous team.

Barça will need to keep tabs on Matias, Eka and Betao, without forgetting about their keepers: Luis Amado and Juanjo.

Semifinal series schedule at the Palau

The schedule for the semifinal match at the Palau Blaugrana was announced this afternoon. The second match of the series will be played this Thursday at 20:30, the third Barça-Inter (if necessary) will be played on Saturday at 13:00. All of the matches will be broadcast live on Esport3 and BarçaTV.

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