ElPozo Murcia forced the last match of the LNFS series in the final seconds of the fourth match against Barça Alusporst. A superb goal from Grello with two seconds to go was decisive in an absolutely fantastic match, which quite possibly was the best game of the season. It was going well for the Azulgranas in the first half of the game; Barça were leading 1-3, but the defensive lapses, and especially Barça's misfiring up front in the second half, allowed ElPozo to win 5-4. In very cruel fashion the Murcia side forced a fifth and final match.

Amazing game without quarter

The intensity of the match was evident from the first second of the game. It started with a fright for the visiting side: a shot from De Bali on the goal defended by Paco Sedano, who had a brilliant night, put the fear in Barça Alusport. It looked as though Barça were holding out against ElPozo’s onslaught, even after Álex scored the 1-0 with a powerful shot after a couple of rebounds. The Azulgrana response was immediate, however. In the following play, a very motivated Wilde made it one all on five minutes.

Sedano and Lozano, unbelievable performances

The two initial goals broke the match, both teams were throwing themselves forward and shots were hitting the woodwork on both ends of the court. The 1-2 silenced the Palacio de Deportes in Murcia. Barça Alusport were playing a very serious match, they players were sacrificial and effective. An incredible Sedano and a lethal Lozano aided Barça’s cause as the visiting team took the advantage. In the following play, the Madrid-based player made it 1-3 with a sensational slalom that ended with the ball going into the home team’s goal on 13 minutes.

All of the players leaving everything on the court

The situation was very favourable for Barça Alusport, but a quick goal from ElPozo - thanks to a defensive error- brought the home team alive. ElPozo were playing a risky style at the back and Marc Carmona’s men had the chance to make it 2-4. A brilliant performance from Gabriel forced Wilde’s shot to the woodwork, however. Barça were not the only team to hit the posts; ElPozo stuck the woodwork twice in a nail-bitting first half. There was controversy as well: Torra had a goal ruled out in the last minute of the first half.

ElPozo find its best form during Barça’s best moment

Rafa was a life line for ElPozo in goal at the start of the second half. Unlike the first half, Barça were not converting their chances in the second period of the match. However, Barça were secure at the back and they were trying to score more goals. With that said, Barça were made to pay for unconverted chances. ElPozo brought one back on a corner that was furiously protested by Carmona’s side. The game up there for the taking. There were clear chances for each side. The Culés were fighting on a hostile court, while ElPozo found new confidence as the match went into its final stretch.

Grello miracle

There were 10 minutes left in the game and the excitement was to the max. ElPozo drew level thanks to another play from a corner kick. From that moment on Barça unleashed their best offensive play on Rafa’s goal. Saad played as a keeper-player with four minutes to go and he saved a sure goal before Torras made it 4-4. It looked as though Barça and ElPozo were going to go to overtime but Grello stepped onto the scene and with two seconds to go it gave his team the lead. The ElPozo player nailed his shot through Barça’s upper 90. The fifth and final game of the series will be played this Monday.


ElPozo Murcia, 5
FCB Alusport, 4

ElPozo Murcia: Rafa, Kike, De Bail, Grello y Esquerdinha -starting five-, Bebe, Álex, Saúl, Adri, Miguelín and Salgado.

FCB Alusport: Sedano, Gabriel, Lin, Saad, Fernandao -starting five-, Torras, Ari, Javi Rodríguez, Lozano, Igor and Wilde.

Referees: Peña Díaz and Peña Gómez.

Goals: 1-0 Álex (min 5), 1-1 Wilde (min 5), 1-2 Lozano (min 11), 1-3 Lozano (min 13), 2-3 Álex (min 14), 3-3 De Bail (min 26). 4-3 Grello (min 33), 4-4 Torras (min 37), 5-4 Grello (min 39)

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