Barça Alusport with the team's first European crown/ PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

Barça Alusport are the champions of Europe! Marc Carmona’s men beat Dynamo Moscow by 1-3 in the historic final played at Barris Nord in Lleida. This is the futsal team’s first European Cup, who won the title with attractive and courageous football. In the final, just like in the semi-final, Barça Alusport took the quick lead through Wilde after only 80 seconds of play. The team managed to maintain their advantage throughout the whole match. Lin scored Barça’s second at the start of the second half and Dynamo pulled one back minutes later, but it Jordi Torras that secured the title for the Catalans with Barça’s third goal in the dying minutes of the match. Congratulations, champions!

Wilde takes advantage of the first opportunity

The match was almost identical to the semi-final against Sporting Clube, with a Barça Alusport determined to take the early lead. This time, in fact, they only needed 80 seconds to make it 0-1. The goal was a product of a strategic play from a thrown in on the right taken by Torras, Wilde’s first-touch volley, from very far out, was unstoppable. It was Barça’s first goal, and a beautiful one at that.

Sedano, simply amazing

The goal gave Carmona’s men more confidence. Barça dominated the match from the start thanks to Lin, Saad and Igor, all of whom came close to scoring Barça second. Little by little, however, the Russian side gained ground and came close to equalising - especially through long-range shots. Paco Sedano was having a splendid night as he saved shot after shot. The match was intense and neither side were dominating ball possession. Halftime came and Barça were up thanks to Wilde’s goal.

Lin makes it two

The start of the second half was similar to the first. Barça Alusport scored a fast goal thanks to a good assist from Wilde for Lin, who beat Popov with a low, hard shot.

Dynamo pull one back

The 0-2 was scored with a little over 15 minutes left in the game. The Russians played a keeper-player to get themselves back into contention, and it worked. However, up until this point Carmona’s men were dominating and they came close on various occasions to make it three, especially through Wilde and Lozano. When it looked as though Barça Alusport were going to coast to victory, Rakhimov, after a good passing play from the Russians, pulled one back.


With Dynamo on a full-out assault on Sedano’s goal, Barça Alusport killed the game off with a lethal counterattack: Ari kept the ball in bounds and assisted Torras, who had no problem making it three with the Russian’s goalkeeper high up the court. It was 1-3 with just two minutes left on the clock. The Barris Nord erupted in celebration as the referee blew the final whistle. FC Barcelona Alusport, Champions of Europe!


Dinamo Moscou, 1
Barça Alusport, 3

Dinamo Moscou (0+1): Popov (Garagulya), Romulo, Tatú, Vinicius, Fernandinho -starting five-, Shayakhmetov, Rakhimov, Nando, Pula, Cirilo, Badretdinov

Barça Alusport (1+2): Paco Sedano (Cristian); Torras, Lin, Saad, Wilde -starting five-, Ari, Gabriel, Fernandao, Javi Rodríguez, Lozano, Igor

Goals: 0-1, Wilde (min 2); 0-2, Lin (min 23); 1-2, Rakhimov (min 37); 1-3, Torras (min 39)

Referees: Gabor Kovacs and Bogdan Sorescu

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