FC Barcelona Alusport vs Inter Movistar

Barça Alusport will play the final of the King’s Cup after they saw off Inter Movistar (2-3) in the return leg of the semifinal. Marc Carmona’s men, in a serious and intense match, managed to take advantage of their rivals’ need to score to seal their ticket to the final. They’ll face ElPozo Murcia for the crown next May.

Barça control the match

Barça Alusport came out onto the court with a 3-1 advantage from the game at the Palau Blaugrana and they showed great maturity despite Inter’s instance. Paco Sedano hardly had any work in goal while the best chances of the match were stopped by Junajo at the other end.

After Sadd came close scoring the first on the night, Torras and Wilde, very active at the start, hit back with chances of their own. Inter Movistar could do little against the control and serious defensive match Barça were playing. In fact, Barça could have scored the first after a double chance for Igor and Ari. Barça was controlling the match but the Inter goal came nonetheless after a defensive error from the Catalans that Eka took advantage of. The 1-0 meant that the aggregate score was close, but still favouring Barça. Before the half, the post denied Barça the equaliser after a powerful shot from Torras. Juanjo, in the dying seconds of the half, saved a free kick taken by Lozano.

Amazing goal from Ari Santos

At the start of the second half, Barça showed that they were looking to score. Paco Sedano did well to save the 2-0 with timely blocks. With 12 minutes to go, a Barça counterattack was finished off by Ari Santos. It was 1-1 and it looked as though Marc Carmona’s men had all but sealed qualification.

Inter goes on the attack, Sadd and Lin finish the game

The draw meant that the Madrid-based side was out of the competition - and they came out with a keeper-player. It was Eka, once again, that injected hope into the home side with a goal five minutes from the end. The goal increased the pressure on the local team, who came close to making it 3-1 with three minutes left; Paco Sedano and the post made sure that didn’t happen. As Inter threw men forward, Sadd scored the 2-2. It was over, the game was out of reach for Inter. The definitive 2-3 from Lin with one minute left was the parting gift for the side that had sealed their second consecutive King’s Cup Final spot.

ElPozo Murcia, finalist

The Murcia side didn’t have any trouble sealing passage to the final after beating Lobelle. ElPozo, who won the first leg 2-3, once again beat their rivals with a convincing 6-1.

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