Jordi Torras, scored a hat-trick (Photo: Àlex Caparrós-FCB)

Joselito, dream debut (Photo: Àlex Caparrós-FCB)

The red card, the turning point of the game (Photo: Àlex Caparrós-FCB)

Neither the important upcoming European competition, nor the strength of a rival who have surprisingly moved into fourth spot were enough to distract Barça Alusport with a fantastic attack and a solid defence. Carmona's team steamrollered over OID Talavera for another league win ahead of the Elite Round of the UEFA Futsal Cup.

The game hinged on the red card shown to the visitors' keeper and the fact that Talavera had no reserve keeper meant that two outfield players, Kel and Nando had to take turns between the sticks. That broke the rhythm of the game, but allowed Barça to pile up the goals and break the scoring record for the section.

Torras opens up the scoring

The impressive Jordi Torras led the Barça attack with two early goals – the first of which was a spectacular effort -  and a great assist from Lin which he put away brilliantly. The team's best moments came with the goals from Lozano and Joselito. The ex-Benicarló player made a great debut, whilst Marc Tolrà was used as the team rotated and also got his first goal for the team after a series of good performances.

With the score already at 5-0, the key moment arrived as Víctor López was quite rightly shown a red card to leave his team a man down and without a replacement keeper. Taking advantage of their numerical superiority, Lozano made it six before the break.

The second half saw Barça continue to rack up the goals as Sedano made some great stops, Torras and Lozano got their hat tricks and Javi Rodríguez and Lin also shone as a disjointed Talavera at least managed two consolation goals. The team's win will fill them with confidence ahead of the Champions League  - Barça Alusport are ready to go!



FC Barcelona Alusport (6+7): Paco Sedano, Jordi Torras (3), Ari Santos (1), Fernandão (1), Sergio Lozano (3) –starting five-, Gabriel, Javi Rodríguez (2), Lin (1), Sergio Lozano, Tolrà (1), Joselito (1) and Cristian (reserve keeper).

OID Talavera (0+2): Víctor López, Sepe, Kel, Chicho, Dani (1) –starting five-, Rafa, Nando (1), Chispa, Jesús Jiménez, Justo Cáceres and José Revert.

Goals: 1-0, Jordi Torras (4'); 2-0, Jordi Torras (8'); 3-0, Lin (9'); 4-0, Sergio Lozano (12'); 5-0, Joselito (13'); 6-0, Sergio Lozano (17'); 7-0, Javi Rodríguez, de penal (22'); 8-0, Fernandão (24'), 9-0, Javi Rodríguez (27'); 10-0, Marc Tolrà (28'); 10-1, Dani (32'); 11-1, Jordi Torras (34'); 12-1, Ari Santos (36'); 12-2, Nando (37'); 13-2, Sergio Lozano (38').

Referees: Alonso Montesinos and Rubio Fajardo. Yellows for Tolrà for Barça and Justo Cáceres and Nando for Talavera. Straight red for Víctor López.

Venue: Palau Blaugrana. 1.412 spectators

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