Voice and vote


In the presidential elections:

Adults that have been a club member for at least one year and over 18 years old, are eligible to vote in the presidential elections every 6 years.

In the annual delegates assembly:

The Assembly comprises of:

  • Club members selected by computer draw, according to the article 19.2 of the club regulation
  • Club members chosen by age as per article 19.2b of the club statute
  • Members of the board of directors
  • Former club presidents
  • Members of the disciplinary commission
  • Members of the economic commission
  • Up to 25 members chosen by the board of directors


Right to participate:

Club members have the right to participate in areas of the club in accordance with the club regulations, as well as to exercise their rights.

Right to express yourself:

Channels of communication with the club:

Web: www.fcbarcelona.com

E-mail: oab@fcbarcelona.cat

Personal attention: Barcelona Supporters' Services Office (OAB) Phone: +34 934963600