Tickets for away matches

Want to watch Barça at an away fixture? Here is how you can buy tickets.

The Club provides the option to purchase tickets for most LaLiga, Champions League, Europa League and Copa del Rey away games.

There is a limited requesting period for each game, and if more tickets are requested than available, a draw will be held . Ticket prices and availability vary depending on the opponent. 

All members can request a ticket and up to four members can join in on the same request.

No changes, returns and/or cancellations are possible once the purchase is complete.

Tickets cannot be purchased by members aged under 6 years old, members with outstanding membership payments, and members penalised by the Discipline Committee. Tickets are purchased via the website, requiring login using the password and personal code.



Closing form: April 19 at 10 pm

 PLEASE NOTE:  Tickets are named and non-transferable, and require collection by each member using their ID from the destination. Members that have purchased a ticket will receive information regarding collection via email.

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