Sergio Busquets is looking forward to winning plenty more trophies with FC Barcelona. | MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

The Barça midfielder reveals some of the secrets of his footballing success | MIGUEL RUIZ-FCB

Sergio Busquets is no longer the unknown youngster who raised so many eyebrows with his passing skills when he first appeared at the Camp Nou. Eight years and three months since his Barça debut, he is now one of the most consolidated members of the first team squad – ranked among the best in the world in his position.

“I’m a much more mature player now” admits the third captain in an interview with the club media on occasion of his 400th competitive outing for the club against Málaga last Saturday.

“The Barça style and football in general have evolved a lot” he observes. “Also the role of the central playmaker. I think I have taken a step forward in what that position means, it involves doing a lot more than it used to. But I know what the team needs from me.”

He also discusses his early days at the club, where his father had played as goalkeeper before him, and also reveals what be believes to be some of the secrets of footballing success: “You need to live for football, look after yourself, eat well, rest well and be lucky with injuries. You also need the coaches to have faith in you, and I’ve never been lacking in that respect.”

So now he’s made it to the big 4-0-0, what can we expect from the 28-year-old next? “For me it’s a pleasure just to be here. I knew I wanted to have a career like this and I hope it carries on as good as it has been until now.”

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