Puente Genil – Barça Lassa: A festival of goals to remain undefeated (28-46)

Puente Genil – Barça Lassa: A festival of goals to remain undefeated (28-46)

Xavi Pascual’s side beat the Andalusians and consolidate as solo leaders of the Asobal League with 26 points

Barça Lassa won at Puente Genil (28-46) in the last away game of the 2018 domestic competition. The top scorer for the Blaugranes was N'Guessan with seven goals, in a match that Xavier Pascual’s team dominated from start to finish.


The match started with an attacking exchange from both sides (3-3), but thanks to the visitors’ rapid transition, they soon put daylight between themselves and their opponents (3-9). Thanks to a vocal home support, the Andalusian team upped their intensity, and came back into the match just a few minutes later (8-10).

Fabregas and N'Guessan began to tighten the screw and Puente Genil found it difficult to break their rivals down. By half-time, Barça Lassa had pulled well clear as a result (14-25).


At the start of the second half, Barça continued to dominate. A solid defence allowed for more electric transitional play in attack, N’Guessan (7) and Mortensen (6) diminishing the hosts’ hopes of getting back into the game.

The win means that the Blaugrana are leaders both in the Asobal League and the Champions League. Next up, on Wednesday at the Palau, are Bada Huesca, before an Asobal Cup tie next weekend in Lleida.


Puente Genil, 28

Barca Lassa, 46

Puente Genil: Álvaro (1), Cuenca (2), Xavi (2), Moyano (-), Chaparro (1), Rudovic (6) and Vázquez (1) - starters - Costa (1), Jimenez , Henrique (1), Castro (1), Martín (-), Porras (1), Domenech (6) and Victor (5).

Barça Lassa: Gonzalo (-), Mortensen (6), Entrerríos (3), N'Guessan (7), Aleix Gómez (4), Thiagus Petrus (-) and Fabregas (5) - starters - Möller (-), Dolenec (4), Dika Mem (4), Palmarsson (3), Sorhaindo (2), Syprzak (2), Andersson (1), Diocou (2) and Àlex Pascual (3).

Breakdown: 3-5, 3-7, 8-12, 9-15, 10.21, 14-25 (half-time) 16-29, 18-32, 21-36, 26-40, 27-44, 28- 46

Officials: Alberto Macías de Paz and Ernesto Ruiz Vergara.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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