Approval of 2020/21 accounts and 2021/22 budget

Approval of 2020/21 accounts and 2021/22 budget

481 million euros in losses last season and a budget of 765 million for the current season

The FC Barcelona delegate members have approved the financial accounts for the 2020/21 season as presented this Sunday at the Ordinary General Assembly.

Barça's highest decision-making body voted in favour of the liquidation of last season's financial year, with losses of 481 million euros after taxes, and also gave the green light to a budget of operating income for the 2021/22 season of 765 million euros.

89% approval of accounts

The vice president of the Economic Area, Eduard Romeu, explained how Barça closed the 2020/21 financial year with income of 631 million euros, well below the 828 million set in the budget, which also forecast a profit of 1 million euros.

Operating expenses increased by 19% on the previous season, from 955 million to 1,136 million euros, a record figure in the history of the club. Finally, the result for the year was a loss of 481 million euros, caused both by the drop in revenue and by the inability to contain expenses.

Despite the negative figures, Romeu stressed that the current Board of Directors has prepared a strategic plan to reverse this economic situation in the next five years.

Last season's accounts were validated by a large majority of the 729 members present, with a total of 637 votes in favour (89%), 39 against (5%) and 42 abstentions (6%).


2021/22 budget

Romeu also presented the budget for the current 2021/22 season, which foresees income of 765 million euros, 21% more than the year before.

The increase is mainly due to the recovery of stadium revenue after it was reopened, and especially due to the lifting of crowd restrictions at Camp Nou, and hence the foreseeable recovery of attendance and usage of the club's other facilities. The other area of significant increase is the Commercial Area due to the reopening of stores.

As for operating expenses, the club foresees a reduction to 784 million, with a significant decrease in the sports payroll, mainly due to the departure of players on high fees, as well as agreements to modify the salaries of other squad members to adjust to the new situation caused by the pandemic.

The club therefore expects to end the year with a negative operating result of -19 million euros, which is expected to be offset by obtaining a positive net financial result of 23 million euros. With these forecasts, the after-tax profit is expected to be positive at 5 million euros.

The budget for the current season was approved by 643 votes in favour (94%), 17 against and 23 abstentions.


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