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FC Barcelona Museum

The Club Museum is situated within Camp Nou itself and was opened in 1984. Nowadays, it is one of the main attractions of the Camp Nou Experience.

Once inside visitors can find objects and trophies from the Club’s long and distinguished history concerning not just the football team but the other professional sections as well. More than 115 years of FC Barcelona history is on show with an impressive interactive wall and various touchscreens to help them look back at the Club’s greatest moments.

Inside the Museum there is also an area dedicated specifically to the best player in the world,  Leo Messi, and where his Ballon d’Or awards can be seen. There is also a dedicated area for the FC Barcelona Women’s team.

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The dressing room

The Barça first team dressing room covers some 850 m² and is divided into four areas.

First there is the actual dressing room area, as well as a wet area and a technical area. The dressing room space is where the players get changed, with the corresponding lockers. The rest of the area is comprised of the shower and bath facilities and storage for material.

The wet area has a swimming pool, two jacuzzis, a sauna, a steam room, an ice bath area and a ‘relax’ area with also a dedicated space for medical treatment, massages and physiotheraphy. Finally, the technical area has three offices, a meeting room and a dressing room for the coaching staff.

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Ricard Maxenchs press room

The Ricard Maxenchs press room at Camp Nou is a modern space with ample room  to allow the media to follow the Club’s press conferences. The space is in the form of an auditorium and covers some 225 square metres in a position right next to the dressing rooms and the mixed zone.

There are 135 seats with individual sound connections and also wireless connections (WiFi) solely for the use of the media.

The press room also has two monitors and a projector for the purpose of presentations, not to mention facilities to allow simultaneous translations. A space is also reserved for radio and television which is fully equipped for their needs.

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Mixed Zone

This space is where the players attend the media after matches played at Camp Nou. The Mixed Zone covers some 170 square metres and is situated next to the press room and the players’ dressing room. It is an open space that is divided into two zones; the area where the players circulate and the work area for journalists.

This space has room for more than 100 people, is equipped with wireless internet (WiFi) available only to the media and three monitors from which the press conferences in the adjoining press room can be followed.

The Mixed Zone stands out for its size, its comfort and its functionality which allows the media to work in the best possible conditions.

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The press box

This working area offers all the comforts available to allow the media to cover matches at Camp Nou in the best conditions possible.

Situated in the second tier of the Main Stand at Camp Nou with perfect views of the pitch, the press box is one of the biggest and most modern in the world.

The press box has 192 press desks, 2 television studios and 28 radio cabins. The box has access to wireless internet (WiFI) restricted only to accredited journalists and also various plasma screens that relay the action on the pitch live and also give journalists access to instant replays. There are also individual power points to allow media to connect computers and other electronic equipment.

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VIP areas in the Main Stand

Situated in the second tier of the Main Stand at Camp NOu, these areas offer all the services and comforts included in the FC Barcelona VIP pack, a product available exclusively to businesses.

The Club has more than 2,400 VIP places divided between the Main Stand and the lateral stand. There are 23 VIP boxes in total and 256 seats The boxes can be doubles with 14 places or individual with 7 places. The interior of each box is perfectly equipped to allow users to enjoy the footballing spectacle in exclusive surroundings.

Close by is the Presidential box, a space reserved for directors from the home and away team as well as guests invited from the worlds of politics, society and sport for each game.

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Centre for Documentation and Studies

The Centre for Documentation and Studies is organised into three areas and has as its mission the preservation and diffusion of FC Barcelona’s documentary heritage. It boasts an historical and administrative archive with important graphic sources and a specialist library focusing on sport and primarily FC Barcelona.

Despite being on the second floor of the Club’s Museum within the Main Stand at Camp Nou, the Centre is not considered part of the Museum but rather a resource for consultation and study, therefore, visitors to the Museum are not allowed access to its services.

The access the Centre potential users must go to the Museum entrance (next to the Club shop) in order to let Club employees know that a visit is required.

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Roma 2009 Gastronomic Space

As of February 2016, in the upper part of Camp Nou, in the area known as Sala Roma, you can find the Roma 2009 gastronomic space.

Roma 2009 is the first gastronomic space open to the public and it is a complementary service to the Camp Nou Experience, designed to allow visitors to enjoy the creations of the Iglesias brothers, well known figures within the world of gastronomy and responsible for such famous restaurants Rías de Galicia, Espai Kru and Casa de Tapas Cañota. The space brings together the main culinary creations of the three places under one roof.

It is open every day except match days and the day before Champions League matches. Members and supporters’ club members are eligible for a discount as are visitors to the Camp Nou Experience.

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Camp Nou Lounge

During the summer months when the football has been put on hold, a space in the Camp Nou Main Stand becomes the Camp Nou Lounge, a place to sip a drink in the open air at the stadium.

The setting is almost perfect with guests able to eat and drink just a few metres away from the pitch at Camp Nou, the scene of so many famous goals over the decades.

The Lounge was first opened in the summer of 2014 and is open at lunch time and in the evening and boasts exclusive offers in line with the sumptuous surroundings. Reservations are recommended.