Sorhaindo rises high | Víctor Salgado

FC Barcelona Lassa handball cruised to a comfortable win in front of their supporters on Saturday evening, taking the game 41-35 against Atlético Valladolid.

It was an equal start to the game but, from the 20 minute mark onwards, there was only one team in it as Barça had raced to a six-goal lead.

By the half-way point, Barça increased their advantage to eight, as Thimothey N'Guessan and Kiril Lazarov began to run the show (22-14).

Valladolid emerged for the second half with a purpose, reducing the gap to six goals, but Barça managed to get back on track and saw out the game that they controlled from the off.

Match details

FC Barcelona Lassa: Gonzalo Perez, Raul Entrerrios Rodriguez, Cedric Sorhaindo (3), Valero Rivera (4), Thimothey N'Guessan (7), Joan Saubich Mir (6), Kiril Lazarov (7) -starting seven- Jesper Brian Noddesbo (3), Victor Tomas Gonzalez, Lasse Andersson (1), Borko Ristovski, Aitor Ariño Bengoechea (5), Kamil Syprzak (5), Dika Mem, Viran Morros de Argilai Filip Jicha (3).

Valladolid: Javier Díaz Pérez, Roberto Turrado Hernan (1), Fernando Hernandez Casado (4), Abel Serdio Guntin (2), Roberto Peréz Mínguez (4), Gonzalo Matias Viscovich (2), Victor Rodriguez Costas (6) -starting seven- Diego Camino de la Cal (6), Nicolás López Díez (1), Ruben Rio Iglesias (3), Cesar Pérez Verdejo, Jorge Serrano Villalobos (1), Luis Manuel Lorasque Ortega (1), Miguel Camino de la Cal (2) and Daniel Dujshebaev Dovichebaeva (2).

Score every five minutes: 4-5 / 6-7 / 12-9 / 15-12 / 19-13 / Half-time / 26-19 / 29-22 / 33-26 / 34-29 / 38-32

Officials: Rafael Alberto García Mosquera - Goyo Muro San José

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