Barça Lassa racked up a century of consecutive wins on Saturday | VÍCTOR SALGADO - FCB


FC Barcelona Lassa handball wrote an incredible piece of history on Saturday evening after achieving their 100th consecutive win in the league, in a 27-22 victory over BM Sinfín.

The stage was set for Xavi Pascual’s men to achieve the unprecedented honour of racking up a century of wins and, even under such intense pressure, they were able to do so.

It was the home side who started the brighter of the two, racing to a 3-0 lead in the first five minutes, and maintaining their lead right for the first 25 of the game. However, Barça managed to get a grip of the game and, just before the break, got their noses ahead by one (12-13).

Sinfín were back level soon after the restart, but Pérez de Vargas ensured they would not go ahead with a save from seven metres. From then on, Barça managed to reestablish their lead and De Vargas continued his heroics in goal. The game ended 27-22 in Barça’s favour and, in doing so, achieved the incredible record of winning 100 straight games.

Match details

Sinfín, 22
FC Barcelona Lassa, 27

Sinfín: Óscar Rio (3), Calderón (1), Guillermo Ros, Cristian Postigo (2), Iñigo (2), Makaria and José Manuel Herrero (2) –starting seven–, Diego Muñiz, Nikolai Herrero, Amarelle (3), Pla (3), Blázquez (1), Sánchez, Paredes (5).

FC Barcelona Lassa: Sorhaindo (1), Ristovski, Entrerríos(1), Víctor Tomás (4), Mem (2), Valero Rivera (3) i Morros –starting seven–, Pérez de Vargas, Noddesbo (4), Andersson (1), Ariño (3), N’Guessan (3), Syprzak (1), Saubich (1), Jallouz (1), Lazarov (2).

Score every five minutes: 3-0 / 4-3 / 6-4 / 8-6 / 11-10 / 12-13/ (Half-time) / 15-15 / 15-18 / 17-19 / 18-21 / 19-24 / 22-27 (Full-time).

Officials: Javier Álvarez and Ion Bustamante.

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