Siarhei Rutenka starred againt Sydney in Qatar / PHOTO: ihf.info

FC Barcelona made their experience and quality tell in the second game of the Handball Super Globe in Qatar against outsiders Sydney University HC, who proved a much tougher opponent than expected, especially early on in the game.

The Aussies scored the first two goals while Barça took three minutes to open their own account and took ten minutes to get themselves into the lead. Normality gradually ensued, but the Australians were still proving very hard to control in attack, and by half-time, Barça were still only leading by three.

Barça found that things worked best if they defended intensely and hit the Australians on the counter attack. Perhaps not the tactic they had expected to be using in this game, but it was that worked to perfection. Between the 45th and 50th minutes they didn’t leak a single goal and their lead was quickly boosted to 17-26. From then on, the QHA Complex was finally treated to a Barça goal-fest, but it had taken some time in coming.

Joan Saubich is to be credited for his five goals from right wing, as is Icelander Sigurdsson who was just as decisive in the second half from the other side of the court. But it was the team play rather than individuals that really excelled in a game that saw Barcelona qualify for the semi-finals, but in which we were also given a first hand opportunity to enjoy evidence of the huge strides being made in this game in Australia.

Sydney University HC-FC Barcelona (18-34... por fcbarcelona


FCB: Perez de Vargas, Noddesbo, Tomas (4), Entrerrios (4), Sorhaindo (1), Sarmiento, Saric, Arino (2), Gurbindo (1), Sigurdsson (5), Rutenka (2), Morros (1), Karabatic (1), Saubich (5), Jallouz (3), Lazarov (5)

SYDNEY UNIVERSITY HC: Ivankovic, Gavidia (2), Gaulon, Aubard (2), Bonnin(1),  Hessellund (2), Weller (1), Lennstrom Nystrom, Alcaraz, Kelly, Anderson, Winkler, Striebel, Llorrente Llamazares (3), Traverso (1), Rui Tupan (6)

PERIODS: 3-1, 4-5, 6-10, 8-11, 11-12, 12-15 -half time-; 12-15, 14-18, 15-20, 17-22, 17-26, 17-29 & 18-34.

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