Wilde, Lozano and Torras are all on fantastic goal-scoring form / PHOTO: ÀLEX CAPARRÓS-FCB

Barça Alusport’s three point men are on form, especially Wilde and Sergio Lozano. This weekend in Alcalá de Henares, at the Pabellón Caja Madrid, the two strikers once again showed their goal-scoring prowess. Wilde finished the match with a total of three goals, including the match-winning goal in overtime, while Lozano scored the equaliser with a fantastic shot.

Five of the four goals in the semifinal playoff

Wilde has been decisive in Barça’s three playoff matches. In the quarterfinals, the FC Barcelona Alusport player scored two goals against Carnicer Torrejón. In the first match away to the Madrid side, he scored the first goal of the game, and in the second match at the Palau, Wilde scored a very important goal: the one-all equaliser. In the semifinals, the striker scored all of Barça’s go-ahead goals - the 1-2, 2-3 and the definitive 4-5.

Sergio Lozano, the ‘Toro’ [Bull] or ‘Búfalo’ [Buffalo] as his team-mates call him, scored three goals against Carnicer - the definitive 1-2 in the away leg of the quarter finals and the 2-2 and 5-2 in the return leg a the Palau- and he scored a very important goal against Inter Movistar in the semifinal playoffs of the Futsal League.

Accustomed to playing against Inter

This season, the Azulgranas and the all-greens have played against each other seven times. The record so far, however, favours Carmona’s men with five victories and only two defeats. Wilde, who is one of Barça Alusport’s three highest scorers in the Liga, has had a great time finding the back of the net against Inter. He’s scored six times against the Madrid-based side - once in the Spanish Super Cup, twice in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey and three times in the first match of the semifinals of the Liga.

Torras and Lozano have also had a pretty good record against Inter, both the players have two goals apiece against the all-greens. Lozano scored in the semifinals of the Spanish Cup and in the semifinals of the Liga playoffs, while Jordi Torras scored the one-all equaliser on the eighth match day of the Liga away to Inter - he also scored in last week’s semifinal playoff match against the all-greens.

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