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Barça Lassa have beaten Betis 72-89 to make it eight wins in a row in the Liga Endesa, with 12 three-pointers (a 40% conversion rate) very much the key to a win that consolidates the Catalans’ place at the business end of the playoff places. Eriksson led the FCB scoring with 18 points (4 threes), while Claver and Vezenkov were also outstanding.

Both sides scored high in the first period, which ended 24-26, but it was Bartzokas’ charges who produced their A-game in the second, storming to 38-50 and the break.

Betis pushed back into the game with 6-0 streak to get it to 56-65, but despite their rapid transitions and powerful counter attacks, it was always going to be an uphill struggle for the Andalusians and Barça still had a healthy lead of 58-70 going into the final ten minutes.

Koponen and Eriksson delivered the killer blows with respective threes to make it 60-75 and from then on it was just a case of playing down the clock towards an impressive victory.


Betis, 72
FC Barcelona, 89

Betis: DeVries (17), Mahalbasic (10), Sánchez (-), Radicevic (10) & Lockett (14) –starting five-, Triguero (6), Cate (2), Cabezas (5), Milosevic (4), Stojanovski (3), Garcia (1), Marelja(-).
FCB Lassa: Rice (4), Oleson (8), Perperoglou (4), Claver (11) & Tomic (10) –starting five–, Navarro (3), Vezenkov (13), Eriksson (18), Diagné (-), Koponen (4), Renfroe (14), Munford (-).
Periods: 22-24 / 16-26 / 20-20 / 14-19.

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