The FC Barcelona Board of Directors officially announced on Monday the approval of five new Supporters Clubs, thus continuing the international expansion of the movement, this time with four international Supporters Clubs joining one from Catalonia.

Two of the newly approved Supporters Clubs — from Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States and from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic — are closely linked to the FCBEscola. Their additions further the Club’s worldwide goal of promoting sport ​​and its commitment to social progress in Catalonia.

The Club expects to continue growing under the current model to reinforce the Supporters Club brand on an international level.

Here is the full list of Supporters Clubs that were newly approved on 25 July:

Penya Barcelonista Els Pallaresos (Els Pallaresos, Tarragona)

Penya Barcelonista de Córdoba - Argentina (Córdoba, Argentina)

Penya Blaugrana St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Penya Blaugrana Charlotte (Charlotte, NC, USA)

Penya Blaugrana Dominicana Caribbean (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

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