The third goal scored by the U13’s against EF Base Calafell was a demonstration of possession and the use of spaces developed every day in the training sessions at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. Pressure, possession and position: The three famous ‘P’s’ on which the Club’s footballing methodology has revolved since Johan Cruyff revolutionised youth football.

"The possession play that we practice so much during the week consists of reaching the goal whilst controlling the ball and having the maximum participation from our players, knowing  how to occupy the spaces at all times," Josep Olivé, assistant coach to David Sánchez, commented.

In this move, a total of six players participate, and in total there are 14 occasions that a Barça player is in contact with the ball in those 35 seconds. Everything originates from Jan Montes, who passes towards Adrian Simons before Tomás Marqués, Aleix Galcerán and Héctor Fort join in, culminating in Arnau Pradas’ goal.

Together for years

The U-14s B team is made up of players from the 2006 generation, who last season were proclaimed champions of the LaLiga Promises tournament in Villarreal, beating Espanyol in the final. Before reaching their current age group, they won the Íscar Cup, and this summer they visited Andrés Iniesta in Kobe, taking advantage of their stay in Japan to win the World Challenge tournament.

In the league, they lead Group 1 after the first seven league games. The key to this generation is that there are eight players who have played for five seasons together; Erik Cava, Héctor Fort, Dereck López, Alex Olmedo, Arnau Pradas, Pau Prim, Jan Quiles and Marc Guiu.

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