As we pick up some steam heading into mid-spring, it seems our La Masia players have done the same, continuing to keep their feet on the gas pedal to provide us with a plethora of mouthwatering goals bearing the trademark stamp: Made in La Masia.

And this penultimate weekend in April is a perfect example of the Barça players' drive. Here are the names of those who scored the Top 5 La Masia goals from the past weekend of play.

5. Pablo Moreno — U16A vs Espanyol

4. Marc Pelaz — U16B at La Floresta

3. Riqui Puig — U19A at Manchester City

2. Monchu Rodríguez — Barça B vs Rayo Vallecano

1. Alejandro Marqués — U19A vs Chelsea

As always, congratulations to all and keep up the good work! #ForçaBarça!

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