The year is coming to an end for us all, and that includes the FC Barcelona academy teams.

Over the last twelve months we have been providing you with our weekly top ten of the best goals from the youth, reserve and women’s football teams at the club – and now we have picked the pick of the picks – the top ten academy goals of 2016. And here they all are in this exclusive video!

The ten goals come to you courtesy of: Héctor Fort –U12C-, Iker Bravo –U12A-, Iker Almena –U14B and the only player to appear twice in the list-, Robert Navarro –U16B-, Pablo Moreno –U16A-, Carles Pérez and Guillem Jaime –U19A-, Rafa Mújica –Barça B but officially U19- and Pilar Garrote –Women’s B-.

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