FC Barcelona return to Barcelona with a hard-fought point following a frenetic 1-1 draw against Valencia. Mestalla is never an easy ground to go to and this is especially true in a match which saw the team in first visit the second-placed side.

For this reason, Ernesto Valverde has reacted “in a positive way” to the draw. He went on to add his side had, “dominated the first half” and that his team wanted the win. “We like to feel like we are in control of the game and that was true in the first half”, he added.

However, Valencia took the lead in the second half. “They improved and they scored against us in the second half but we kept looking for the goal and we could have won it in the end” stated the blaugrana coach.

Also, he emphasised his team’s reaction to a Messi ghost goal, which replays show clearly crossed the line: “I am happy that, despite the controversy, we didn’t lose our concentration and we were able to respond to going 1-0 down.”

As well as the manager, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and the captain Andrés Iniesta spoke to the media in the mixed zone following the Valencia v FC Barcelona match. Read on for the first team players’ quotes:

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