Gerard Piqué spoke on Wednesday in front of the press from the Spanish squad’s base for the upcoming international fixtures. After his comments following the game on Sunday at Camp Nou between Barça and Las Palmas in which he said he would be prepared to retire from international duty if necessary, Piqué reiterated his commitment to the national team. “It’s impossible to doubt my commitment. I have been playing for them for a long time and I consider it to be a family. That is one of the main reasons that I am here. It hurts me to think people doubt my commitment, explained the Catalan defender.

“I know there are people who will whistle me but I want to turn that situation around,” continued Piqué following the controversial reception he received when he joined up with the squad on Monday. He added: “I want to solve the problem. The coach and players have decided that I am here and I will try to help them as best I can.”

Piqué also commented on the current political situation in Catalonia following the events of last Sunday’s referendum on independence. “Through respect and dialogue we can come to understand one another. I am convinced that there are a lot of people in Spain who are in favour of Catalans voting [in the referendum]. I am in favour of people voting yes, no or abstaining. There is a big problem in Spain, if there isn’t dialogue it will get worse. Talking can achieve everything,” said the defender.

“Everyone has their ideas, I respect others and what I ask for is mutual respect. Dialogue brings people together, we are in a world that is becoming more and more radicalized. What is happening in Catalonia and Spain is like an 18 year old son who wants to leave home, he feels he is not treated in a realistic fashion and so you speak to him or he leaves,” concluded Piqué.

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