Paco Alcácer joined FC Barcelona at the end of August in 2016. With the season already under way, the striker had to adapt quickly to the new environment. This preseason is his first with the Club as a first team player and he told the Club media he is enjoying every minute of it: “When you are new it is hard to adapt to your teammates, the city, the playing style…But thanks to my teammates and the staff you gain confidence and feel more comfortable, which is very important.”

The centre-forward is looking forward to finish the preseason and get started with the official matches. “Now we have tough training sessions and as a group we are all excited to start the season proper. We are excited about the new season.”

Alcácer believes the team has started positively following their victory over Juventus: “It is clear that it was a friendly but we want to win all our games. We are professionals. It is obvious we aren’t at 100% but we want to play matches and leave the holidays behind.”

Finally, he also had some positive words to say about the new coach, Ernesto Valverde: “He is very sensible and honest and that is good for the team as you can see it in our play.”

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