Leo Messi is experiencing an ideal moment. With the birth of his third son and in great form at a sporting level, the Argentine spoke to the programme, La Cornisa, on América TV, about the World Cup in Russia and also on personal and footballing issues. For example, about the evolution of his game. "Before, I picked up the ball and tried to make my play. Today, I try to help the team play more, to pass the ball for everyone and not be so defining. I try to get everyone involved from another position and I keep running like I've always done, but in a different way," he explained.

It’s a change that's been seen for a while, but one that could have a starting point. "The arrival of my first child made me open my mind and now I see things differently. Football is full of surprises and the best doesn't always win, but I’ve learned to live with that," he added.

"I adapted quickly to Barcelona"

Messi also talked about his early days, which weren't easy. On his trip to Barcelona, ​​he was accompanied by the whole family, but with the passage of time he had to make a decision. He explained that his mother returned to Argentina with his little sister and he was left alone with his father. Although it wasn't a pleasant situation, he didn’t hesitate at any time: "My father asked me if I wanted to return, but I told him that I wanted to stay because he saw that the possibility [to join FC Barcelona] was real. I adapted quickly to Barcelona."

The World Cup

A few months before the start of the World Cup in Russia, the Argentine pondered on the possibilities of lifting the title. After three finals and three defeats, which have hurt him a lot, now he faces the competition knowing that anything can happen, including being able to lift the title: “Everywhere in the world they are waiting for Argentina to be proclaimed champion. But I am trying to live day to day and not worry about that until June. Anyway, I dream of playing the final and being able to lift the Cup. Being so close in recent editions was very painful."

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