For Neymar Jr., life just keeps getting better. Every. Single. Day.

The Brazilian striker, now in his fourth season donning the Blaugrana jersey, enjoys a special relationship with Lionel Messi and has been an integral part of the team’s most recent successes — including his lead role as Lord of the Comeback in the final minutes of Barça's historic win over PSG at Camp Nou — all the while his play with the Brazilian national team continues reaching dizzying new heights, inviting all sorts of comparisons with his countryman, the great Pelé.

So, what is it like to be Neymar? To find out, we have compiled a video chock full of his daily activities. See the Barça number 11 as he arrives at the team’s training center and puts in his daily work on the practice field.

Watch him as he comes into the stadium ahead of a match, as he travels with the team to a road game, and as he gets up close and personal with the fans.

He even has a special pregame routine! See all this, and more, in our video showing just what it’s like to be Neymar.

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