Check out the online dialogue between Umtiti and Digne

Within 24 hours of each other, Lucas Digne and Samuel Umtiti were presented as new FC Barcelona players.

Digne was up first, on Thursday, where he went straight to the hospital for his medical, before heading to the Camp Nou to meet the fans and the press. After an intense day under the spotlight, the former PSG man sent a message to his new club teammate, warning him what he would be in for the next day: “You will feel more pressure than in a match”.

Twenty-four on, Umtiti was in the building. First going through his medical examinations and then signing his contract with the president, the French international found time to respond to Digne in the team changing rooms, in a cheeky way: “Sorry Lucas, but I did not feel pressure, I am not like you,” he joked.

The two players know each other well, having spent the last month together on international duty where they reached the final of the 2016 European Championship in their home nation.

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