Sergi Roberto is the man of the moment. He’s the man who scored the sixth and final goal of one of the most astonishing comebacks the sport has ever seen. “When I woke up, I wasn’t sure if it hadn’t all been a dream” he said in an interview with Barça TV standing at the place where it had indeed happened.

“I didn’t see a thing until the ball went in” he continues. “I could see that Piqué hadn’t reached it and I threw everything at it. It went in and we all went crazy.”

“We could feel that the Camp Nou was buzzing. We could really feel the fans' support … I simply have no words to explain how it felt.”

“I had always dreamed of scoring a goal like that and being a lad from La Masia made it all the more special. I’ve worked so long to do something incredible like this for my club.”

“We gave it everything. Our attitude was spectacular. It’s a night that will always be remembered, like the one at Stamford Bridge when Iniesta scored. We made the impossible possible.”

“People spoke about how hard it would be for someone to come here and get us to win after everything that’s happened before. But Luis Enrique has shown that he’s made to be here, and the team has been one hundred per cent with him to the end … This comeback has given us new life to deal with what we have left of the season.”

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