While anyone who wished could get a sense of what FC Barcelona accomplished in 2016 by simply taking a gander at the win/loss column and the glass trophy case housing the resulting silverware, to get the full story would require the unrivalled viewpoint of the ultimate team insider.

Cue Luis Enrique Martínez, the perpetually jovial Asturian manager whose unmistakable air of confidence is merely one of the paradigmatic traits he projects onto the collective group of world-beaters he has shepherded to an octad of titles in his two-and-a-half-season stint at the helm of the blaugrana juggernaut.

“We’re behind the leaders,” he said. “But we know our objectives and I think we can come out on top.”

There was no better way to sum up the current situation, one that Luis Enrique feels, or perhaps knows, is by no means definitive.

The segments from the video above are just a few of the highlights from a wide-ranging interview that will be available in its entirety at a later date.

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